The Path from Gargantilla to San Mamés

This is a 4,2 Km tour which can be made walking. It has too possible ways depending on the difficulty required. The estimated time of the route lasts around 90 minutes.

The beginning of the tour will start in Carlos Ruiz square and we will continue along Navacerrada road (M- 635). A few meters from there, we will take the way placed in the right hand known as “Camino del Calvario”. As we move along this way, we leave on the left hand some houses. Besides, we find two drinking troughs and a catch basin from CYII. On our right side, a way appears. From that point, we will see Riosequillo reservoir and if we look to the right, we will see Garganta de los Montes and La Cabrera mountains. Later on, the way will be divided in two, but we must continue forward on the road, direction NE. From that point, we will see the bridge in the road 634, the little Pontón park and Pinilla and Villavieja on the front view.

The route starts with a gentle drop and to our right we will discover the railway under which we will go through the passage. At the back part of this passage, we will turn to the left and we will find a drinking trough. If we continue that way, we will get to a football ground which should be bordered in order to start the way back to Gargantilla, following the same way as the one we did to get to that point. (This is the first option, which is suitable to do with children)

If we want to continue, we will follow the second option, which will be made in the double amount of time. We must take the way which is at the back on the left hand- side, which can be partially flooded in winter. We will follow the line which can be seen on the stone wall on our right side which will lead us to some houses, where the way continues making a gentle drop on the left side. We will get finally to a hurdle which will take us to M-634 road.

We will go carefully through the road, taking the way which is in front of us and which shares some space with la Nava stream that will be crossed through a little bridge.

The way ascends some meters through a short path. On the other side of Chorro stream, which we will cross through a bridge made of wood, we will take the way which is on our left side. This way will lead us to the old path of Buitrago, where we will take the left way in order to go to San Mamés.

In this point of the route, we will leave on our side the treatment plant and we will cross again the railway. Then, we will get to San Mamés entrance, crossing a bridge in the ancient Cañada Real. The way back, will be made following the same route.

The way from Pinilla de Buitrago to Gargantilla.
Santiago’s hermitage

This is a 5,2 Km tour which can be made walking. It is a low difficulty path. The estimated time of the route lasts around 90 minutes.

The beginning of the tour will start in Constitución square. Later, we will go to the facilities from CYII. From that point, we will descend in parallel to Pinilla stream, which will be placed in our left side. Then, we will see a dirt track suitable for vehicles. This part of the route is easy to walk and it offers beautiful panoramic views which show the stream and its natural environment. If we continue that way, we will get to La Cerrada de Garay, which is easy to recognize because of the horses which can be seen. From there, we can go to the nearest beach and observe its water.

We will go up to La Cerrada de Garay, bordering the horse riding estate and taking the left side of the way, which is flanked by two stone walls which will accompany us during nearly all the way. This wall will finish when we arrive to an open area with different branches. However, we should avoid these branches, as we have to follow the stone fence in our right side which leads us to the Prado de la VIña in El Tercio de Santiago. At the back, we will see the bed gable from Santiago’s hermitage, whose story in the High Middle Ages is described in Gargantilla de Lozoya’s Interpretation Centre.

Once we are at the Hermitage, next to the cemetery, we will discover a wide dirt track. At the back, we can see Carpetano mountains and Cerro de la cruz with 1514 m altitude. Down the fall line of this hill, we will find our destination. The ascent to the hill is not difficult. We will leave in our right a trough and we will cross the bridge which is over the railway. The way will lead us to the beginning of the path, which is already asphalted with the first urban building. The second entrance to the left shows us La Fuente de la Bellota, which finally leads us to the roundabout where we will see the entrance to Gargantilla again.

The route can be made the other way around, taking the hermitage as the final point. It is suitable to do this way with children.


We are surrounded by several mountain passes such as Navafría, Cotos, La Morcuera and Canencia. All of them, are joined by the road which goes along Valle del Lozoya M-604.

On the other side of the road N-1, Sierra del Rincón offers us another alternative in order to practice asphalt cycling: M- 135, 127, 130 or 137 in La Hiruela, El Cardoso or La Puebla, which is the last redoubt of the Community of Madrid.

With regard to mountain bike, dirt tracks and ravines, there are several around the place. Besides, there are routes which starts in the several mountain passes previously mentioned.

Horse riding

Our state has 25 hectares of meadow with excellent quality grass due to the geographical point where it is placed, in the middle valley of Lozoya river. We have excellent installations that allow the intensive care of the horses.



In “Aguas Tranquilas”, we invite you to come to do this activity with us and to enjoy a beautiful day in a natural environment.


The distance to ski resorts such as Navafría, Valdesquí, Navacerrada and La Pinilla is around 25-50 km. These ski resorts allow the practice of different modalities of backcountry skiing, cross- country skiing, sky mountaneering and snowshoe practice.